Web site needed

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  1. Domain Name
  2. Website hosting
  3. Simple web design interface (few or no graphics, except logo)
  4. Ability to let users download a file
  5. Ability for people to login to there accounts using login and password
  6. Possible secure login (SSL)
  7. Storage of personal data on an online database
  8. Users can will have an inbox (text only) similar to and email inbox that informs the users about messages.
    1. Each message has an option of 1 of 3 check boxes (Deny, Accept, Modify)
    2. Checks can be removed entirely on all three or one of the 3 can be checked, no more.
    3. Inbox need to have a button to execute if any check boxes have been checked.
  9. Users will have an “outbox” that is solely just a visual log of actions that have taken place.
  10. Users will not be sending messages
  11. Messages will only be sent from database
  12. Access database that has the same functionality as the website.
    1. Able to download approved data from website
    2. Able to start a new account (with verification by connection to website), keeping data entered in current database and sending the data to website.
    3. Able to sort in various ways, the data currently in database
    4. Ability to archive old data
    5. Ability to add specialized columns for personal use.
    6. Login with password required
    7. Possibly have Admin security (not need at first)
    8. Secured connection to website

                                                               i.      Connection can have one authorization, but many users

                                                             ii.      Data being transferred must “marked” with “author code” - meaning the company the initiates the entry will have their ID associated with that person






Download  Overview PPT here