Area 22
Click on the various sections to show the different scripts.

Javascript / DOM
Color Viewer
Form Validation
Click Table Color
Adjust Font
ListBox ReOrder
Hide table column
DOM property
Box fill
DOM Option value/text
Colors by Name and Hex
ShowINI -PHP version
Create Table "person"
Simple Function
Insert data (mi)  Insert data (pdo)
Insert and get last ID
Select data
Send via Post
Post data from form with validation


Create  View  Delete
Opens file and displays content
Creates XML into a folder
Table from MySQL w/ Alt Colors
Sortable Table from MySQL

JBasket - Fly into
JBasket - Sliding
JBasket - Standard
Select top 5
Ajax Zipcode
AJAX add Boards
Get Address
Get Address 2
Coffee-Multiple, timer
Test Ajax / XML
Test Ajax / JSON (x)
BAP chapters
Drag and Drop w/MySQL-PHP
Email Simple
Email via form
Insert data into DB from form
Make links from MySQL
Select data from MYSQL
Query MYSQL & make links
Table Attributes
Google Maps

Gmap Tabbed subwindow
Gmap Link and Plot
Gmap Single Plot
Gmap Single Entry
Gmap Weather Icons
Gmap Random Marker and Line
Gmap Multiple Plots from MySQL
Gmap Insert address to Plots
Geocoder Good
Geocoder via AJAX
Geocoder via AJAX 2
Photo Gallery
Rounded Corners CSS
Random testing
? Slide Menu
Web Scraping
Scrape NFL Menu
Test 1
Test 2
FCV test