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Map to Churches in Alexandria/Springfield/Fairfax

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# Link Description
1 Search for anything in any version of the bible.  This site will also read verses and chapters to you.
2 Research information
3 Here different sermons
4 Flash Movies
5 Devotion
6 Campus Crusade for Christ International
7 Answers about Christianity
8 Online Christian radio
9 Ticketmaster-like for Christian groups
10 A safe place to explore issues about college, life, and what it might be like to know God
11 Guideline for life
12 Christian research tool
13 Cool art
14 Webcast (CTN) Christian Television Network Christian TV
15 Christian Network
16 Online sermons
17 Flash movie
18 Four simple guide for christianity
19 Ezine and articles
20 Christian dating site
21 The bible stories displayed in Legos
22 Various resources
23 Voice of the Martyrs: Real life martyrs of Christianity
24 Voice of the Martyrs (Canada):Persecuted Christians
25 News about worldly Christian
26 Christian Books Store, Bibles, Gifts, DVDs, Music, Jewelry, Fictions
27 Ministry Tracking Database
28 Red Door Press -Christian books
29 Flash video


Church websites

Capital Life Church  (Rosslyn, VA)

McLean Bible Church  (McLean, VA)

    Frontline at MBC     (McLean, VA)

The Chapel    (Buffalo, NY)

New Beginnings Christian Church     (Tampa, FL)



End Times    PDF - Ver 1.2 (7/14/04)    List of biblical references to the events in the End Times

QuickBook    PDF    XLS - Ver 1.6 (2/16/05)        Fast read of the book of John (summarizes verses)

Angels            DOC ver1.1 (2/23/05)

First Christmas Quiz     DOC   12/20/04

In Process

        Tithing        DOC    12/15/04

        Prayer        DOC      4/29/05

        Jewish Faith       DOC    5/3/05

        Heaven        DOC      3/24/05

        Water Baptism    DOC    4/14/05

        Funding your Ministry    DOC     5/12/05

        Trinity    DOC        1/12/05

Feel goods

        Passion Donuts        Jesus Computer        My Son        How to Forgive    Why God Created Children

WMC Project Focus
Where to Get Training for Missions Service. Short Term Bible Schools.
Christian Outreach International
Christian Medical Mission Inc.
Relief Missions on The Internet
ABWE - Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
Christian Outreach International
Christian Medical Mission Inc.
Where to Get Training for Missions Service. Short Term Bible Schools.
Operation Mobilization
Operation Mobilization - OM USA
IFMA - Member Missions
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
BIG list